Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Cyrkle: The Visit (1967)

The Cyrkle was a short-lived American rock and roll band active in the mid-1960s. The group charted two Top 40 hits, "Red Rubber Ball," and "Turn-Down Day". I don't really rate these ditties, they are attempts at yuk commercial psych-sploitation jinge jangle wibble wobble. This track however, is a different prospect. If it is elevator music, we may call it "Jacob's Elevator".

The band was formed by guitarists and lead singers Don Dannemann and Tom Dawes (who also played bass guitar), who met while studying at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Dannemann enlisted in the US Coast Guard in 1966. The other members were Earle Pickens on keyboards and Marty Fried on drums. They were originally a "frat rock" band called The Rhondells but were later discovered and managed by Brian Epstein, who was best known as manager of The Beatles. Epstein found out about this band when his business partner, New York attorney Nathan Weiss, heard them in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Labor Day of 1965. Epstein became their manager and renamed them. John Lennon provided the unique spelling of their new name, which is a reference to the circular roundabout known as Centre Square, located in downtown Easton. They were produced by John Simon.

"The Visit" is the 2nd track from the 2nd album Neon (1967) released on the Columbia Label. The album was re- released on CD in 2001 by Sundazed.

Arranged By – The Cyrkle
Arranged By, Producer – John Simon
Brass, Strings, Woodwind – The International Brotherhood Of Brindle Makers Marching Band & Chowder Society
Drums, Tambourine, Finger Cymbals, Triangle, Gong, Vocals – Marty*
Guitar, Bass, Sitar, Vocals – Tom*
Guitar, Vocals – Don*
Keyboards – John Simon, Michael*
Photography By [Cover Photo] – Bob Cato

Osho Energy Darshans

The term  "Energy darshan" first appears in Osho material from Feb 1976 to denote events, where people would be invited by Osho to come close and be touched or guided to allow "their energy to move" while in specified postures. Sometimes Osho would ask another sannyasin in attendance to stand behind the recipient, hold their hands or whatever. These "shaktipat" (energy transmission) events were a regular occurrence with Osho.

In Feb of 1979, Darshans became wilder, more extravagant and on a much larger scale, coming to involve the whole ashram. The "mediums" Osho asked to assist in these energy transmissions became more numerous, and exclusively women, where before there had been occasionally a man.

With recipients of the energy transmission, those on whom Osho's energy was focused; in the past it had always been just one person at a time, with the occasional exception of two closely-related sannyasins, but soon it became several, which also entailed more mediums.

Another feature was music. It is not known when exactly musicians were added to this energy soup, but it would not have been long after the mediums. As of this writing, no specific guidance has been found in Osho's words to direct the musicians and indicate precisely when this happened. The music consisted of many instruments but it was central to the form that no rhythm or melody be created. It was loud and chaotic and fast, building to a crescendo and then ebbing or suddenly stopping. Many drums and other percussion were included, as these are the most "primitive" instruments, and least likely to induce any "civilized" or conceptual "music appreciation" and "purest" in terms of energy.

Osho spoke many nights as this phenomenon took shape, after the "talking darshans", people getting initiated, coming and going and asking questions. The excerpts below are recorded in chapter 22 of Won't You Join the Dance? taken from various Darshans.

All three of you start feeling the energy moving upwards -- feel pulled upwards. All feel together as if one energy. Just take it up. Don't be afraid. Feel pulled up. If sounds start arising, allow it. Now feel the energy going back down, just as if the whole energy is going down, as if you are disappearing into the earth.

Perfectly good. Things are perfectly good. Keep it (a box) with you and whenever you need me, just do the same experiment: sit silently, first start feeling energy going up. Raise your hands and feel pulled, and keep a tension being pulled, for at least five to seven minutes. Then relax, and then feel you are disappearing into the earth; even if you fall onto the earth, fall, and then rest for four or five minutes. This will give you tremendous transformation.

Completely forget yourselves; just become energies, all together, all four of you. Let it become a dance together. Just stop all movement. Be perfectly still. Be utterly like statues.

Just do one thing: the energy is at the sex centre, so all of you pull the sex centre up and then relax it, pull it up and relax it, seven times, not more than that. If any sounds start coming, feel orgasmic, feel sex energy moving upwards. Feel ecstatic. Let the energy become pure bliss. Be in a dance.