Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hölderlin: Requiem für einen Wicht (1972)

From their first album: Hoelderlins Traum. Hoelderlin is a German prog- rock band that was formed in 1970 as Hölderlin by Joachim and Christian von Grumbkow with Nanny de Ruig. They are influenced by rock, jazz, and folk music. They changed their name to Hoelderlin in 1973. They are apparently, still going!

The name Hölderlin is derived from the German romantic poet, so things would be a bit incomplete without a contribution from the great poet:

Ages of Life by Friedrich Hölderlin (1770- 1843)

Euphrates' cities and
Palmyra's streets and you
Forests of columns in the level desert
What are you now?
Your crowns, because
You crossed the boundary
Of breath,
Were taken off
In Heaven's smoke and flame;
But I sit under clouds (each one
Of which has peace) among
The ordered oaks, upon
The deer's heath, and strange
And dead the ghosts of the blessed ones
Appear to me.

North Utsire

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