Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hereford Pale Ale

Hereford Pale Ale

Wye Valley Brewery


4.0% (bottle)

Brewer’s Notes
HPA is a truly delightful pale ale. It’s smooth on the palate, and boasts a citrus hop aroma leading to a balanced bitter finish. Locally grown Target and Celeia hops play an important part in making this such a distinctive beer. With Maris Otter pale malt and malted wheat also being used, this is very much a pale ale with all the right ingredients.

This is without doubt the blandest beer I have ever “tasted”. I can’t even substitute the word “experienced” for “tasted” because it feels rather like a ghost has walked through you. I mean, I like a subtle, non gassy, easy to digest beer of moderate ABV, but bloody hell when a pint of Perrier becomes a serious candidate for a chaser, you know you’re onto a hiding to “nothing”. When I first poured Hereford Pale Ale into the glass, I felt I had to check if the bottom had fallen out of it & the beer drained away it's that anaemic. And forget any watery piss jokes, because that would be shaming a pint of piss by comparing it. This is probably great for Southern beer softies whose only other drink is champagne & would like to pretend they are drinking real ale, at the risk of making their hipster beards soggy.

You may order a pint of HPA in a pub in one of the following ways:
“Mine’s a pint of thin air landlord”
“A Pint of Bland please”
“Some Elfin water please”
or "I'm just going outside to take a deep breath".

Marks /10
5.00 (right down the middle)

North Utsire

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