Friday, 24 July 2015

Dark City vs The Matrix

Am I the LAST person in the WORLD to get the stupifyingly OBVIOUS connection between Dark City and The Matrix? I wouldn't mind so much except I saw Dark City almost as soon as it came out in 1998, and was exceptionally impressed by it. And I saw all the Matrix films pretty much as soon as they came out too, and concluded "ohh its my favourite film evorr". The first Matrix film came out only 1 year after Dark City so should have been in recent memory. AND I bought all of them on DVD. But it was only recently, watching Dark City again for the first time (admittedly since 1998) that the stark, almost coarse, similarities (you could say exactitudes) seeped into my dim little skull. At this point, I'm supposed to congratulate both films, but conclude like most aficionados, that Dark City is the superior enterprise (presumably in inverse proportion to its box office sales), but actually I love them both. and I promise not to let Dark City go off the radar for 17 years again. As an aside, Jennifer Connelly vs Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity? Well, that's just a re run of the Jane Fonda vs Sandra Bullock debate. Which would be history repeating itself, wouldn't it.

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