Friday, 15 January 2016

Limericks & Doodles

There was an ald Doctor from Grimsby
Whose wrists were incredibly flimsy 
So he took some Viagra & waited a while 
Now he's fantastically good at the frisby 

Pity Weightwatcher, our Vickers, 
Who's awfully fond of the Snickers 
She went to a meeting & hid them below 
Then she couldn't take off her knickers 

Our Kelly was good at the flirting
By showing her glittery merkin 
Till she met one young boy, 
Who was not very coy, 
And he beat her by showing his gherkin.

There's a clumsy young man from Seaton Carew
Who found he had nothing to do 
So he wasted his money by paying for ladies 
Who's bra straps he couldn't undo

There was a Jobseeker from Alty
Who was right fond of the Balti
So he ordered a meal 
But welched on the deal 
When his wallet had only 3-40 

North Utsire

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