Friday, 8 April 2016

Ecology & Wildlife of the Falkland Islands

Here are my main two offerings from my visit to the Falklands. First, a photographic wildlife video to the evocative Scottish smallpipes of Iain McInnes, hopefully giving you a feel for its Caledonian landscape and heritage. Secondly, an 87 page Powerpoint presentation I have put together for A level Biology or Environmental Science students. The powerpoint has been converted into a Youtube movie, with apologies if you can't read every slide. Just email me if you'd like a powerpoint copy. I must have a moan about the quality and rendering of these videos, despite my best efforts to preserve their sharpness. It seems Windows Movie Maker cant deal with preserving quality in an image, so I recommend you squint your eyes together & pretend everything looks better than the video conveys. I've included some photos below so you can compare the quality output.

North Utsire

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