Tuesday, 17 May 2016

One Man Photoshop Protests (2011)

After the obscene birthing of the bastard child 2010 Lib- Con Tory government, and during the apoplectic convulsions of the 2011 London riots, I embarked on my own One Man Photoshop protest. In that bockety ferment, stories of the Bullingdon Club and Cameron’s moral piety piled up uncomfortably against unending health & environmental injustices resulting from unabated globalisaed corporatism. The Greece crisis, Occupy Movement and Anti austerity student protests were fuel to the fire. For a few months at least, it seemed to me, to quote Jim Morrison the “whole shit house could go up in flames.” Well it didn’t, and things returned to their shapeless trammelled drudgery, kicking the can further down the road. The media did a good job for their masters in portraying a narrative of moral savagery being the cause of the riots; the shooting of Mark Duggan was just an inconvenient fact. Some of these photoshops are better than others, but they’re all borne out of the same anger and outrage. One day the Lion will wake up and roar. Until then, you’ve got some crap photoshops to entertain you.
North Utsire 

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