Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Farm (album, 1971)

Tasty rural boogie blues rock with Crazy Horse influences, this lone album from Illinois’ sextet Farm is an air-guitarist’s delight. Intricate, dual guitar interplay is the order of the day, with lots of meandering solos full of those West Coast druggy vibes. If you’ve worn out all your bootleg outtakes of David Crosby and The Pure Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra’s Wally heider sessions, then this is the next logical step for your musical mind expansion.

* Del Herbert (lead guitar),
* Gary Gordon (vocals, guitar, bottleneck guitar),
* Jim Elwyn (vocals, bass),
* Steve Evanchik (percussion, harmonica),
* Roger Greenwalt (keyboards),
* Mike Young (drums).

01. Jungle Song (instrumental)-
02. Let That Boy Boogie -
03. Sunshine In My Window  -
04. Cottonfield Woman  -
05. Statesboro Blues -

"Formed in 1969, Farm was a band from Southern Illinois, whose bluesy, country rock style was very similar of that of The Allman Brothers, and Canned Heat. Recorded at Golden Voice Recording Studios in South Pekin, Illinois and released on a small (500 copy pressing) record label from Flora, Illinois, this Farm released a very obscure and rare album of heavy garage psych with fuzz guitars, congas, mouth harp, organ, bottleneck and timbales. They thank a certain George Leeman on the sleeve notes, as their friend and spiritual guide. The band disbanded in 1973."  *

* From Fuzz, Acid and Flowers: Comprehensive Guide to American Garage, Psychedelic and Hippie Rock (1964-75) by Vernon Joynson (Author) Borderline Productions 4th Edition (1997)

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