Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Santana: Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock, 1969)

Before its release on their album, Santana, then a largely unknown band, performed "Soul Sacrifice" as their closing number at Woodstock. "They were the only act to play without a record; it was unparalleled. Santana went from Woodstock to being in global demand almost overnight". Their debut album Santana was released in the same month. The band had just played local gigs in the San Francisco area before that point. Santana used to have a massive percussion section at that time and drummer Michael Shrieve added his personal note, especially during the drum solo of Soul Sacrifice. In several interviews, Santana recalled experiencing the effects of psychedelics during the performance, claiming he was tripping on LSD throughout most of the performance and was hallucinating that his guitar was a snake. Nevertheless, he got it together for the finale and performed flawlessly. "By the time we got to 'Soul Sacrifice', I had come back from a pretty intense journey. Ultimately, I felt we had plugged in to a whole lot of hearts at Woodstock"

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