Sunday, 30 April 2017

Roddlesworth Roller Walk

Spent a magnificent sunny day in March tracking the route of the Roddlesworth Roller, a 10k Sunday run in Tockholes, Lancashire. It takes in the woods and reservoir at Roddlesworth too. As you can probably tell from the photos, leaf burst had not quite happened, so the woods let in floods of crisp and colourful light. Conveniently, the route goes past a traditional rural boozer called The Royal Arms, complete with beer garden, hearth and fire (which is apparently on all year round), and a decent selection of red wines and real ales. There are other walks you could use to take in this pub too, such as a visit to Darwen Tower (not that I'm advocating walking routes which are defined by their pubs oh no. But if you were feeling a bot boozy, you could also drop into the Hare & Hounds in Abbey Village which is at the start/ finish of this walk). The Roddlesworth Roller route has a lollypop shape, and presents little challenge in terms of navigation, so amounts to a quite enjoyable stroll.

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