Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Irides of Carolyn Jones

I must say in a highly fawning and cloying way that I think Carolyn Jones as Morticia from the Addam's Family was a woman of unsurpassed beauty and demure elegance. With that revelation out of the way it is no surprise that I was googling images of said icon, some of which have innocently crept into this blog. What was a surprise (to me), as I was looking through her images when I came across a colour photograph of her, and I inwardly thought "Hmm heterochromatosis in the digestive zones of her iris; I wonder if she suffered constipation?" I realise this is not a normative thought process, but given my professional proclivities, I will seek to explain all. What was quite a staggering surprise is that after suspecting Carolyn Jones had lower bowel issues from looking at her eyes in photographs, I discovered she had died, bravely and tragically as it happens, of colon cancer at the age of 53.

The great naturopath and iridologist Bernard Jensen said "Death begins in the colon" and did a great deal of work to link iridology with toxic states of the colon, both clinically and in his educative work. As a naturopath, he was firmly of the opinion that systemic constipation (accumulation of mucus and morbod matter in the lower bowel) was a primary cause of autointoxication, oxiditive stress, mesotrophy, and failure of the organism to contend with metabolic homeostatic demands; the allosteric load postulated by functional medicine practitioners today. This is the milieu from which cancers arise. Below is Jensen's reflex iris map. For our purposes, it is only necessary to note the two innermost concentric zones are the site of the gastrointestinal reflexes.

Heterochromatosis is the condition whereby the inner zones demonstrate a different (usualy darker) colour than the outer zones. It is a pigmentation of the central part of the iris, around the pupil and colarette. The colour may be brown, yellow, or orange. In such a location it can indicate tendency for digestive disturbances. Below are a couple of irides (not of Carolyn Jones) to illustrate heterochromatosis in the digestive zones. It's not an uncommon trait, but coupled with other adverse immune weaknesses and inflammatory states (which we don't have the detail to see in Carolyn Jones's photos), it can be problematic. 

A central heterochromia is a genetic marking & multidimensional sign, in this case the orange pigment located within the internal collarette, pupillary zone and pigmented throughout the collarette border have a tendency to gastrointestinal disturbances, bowel irregularity, systemic constipation, family history of blood sugar imbalance, emotional stress of fear & betrayal. It is interesting to note during her career hiatus, Carolyn Jones took to writing her only book which was a poisonous diatribe against certain characters within the Hollywood community, and the heartlessness of the movie industry generally.

I have reproduced a couple of the best (that is most illustrative) colour photographs of Carolyn Jones, which indicate her heterochromatosis. There are several other photos which are of sufficient quality but appear to have been photo- edited to remove this charming but pathological feature. Notwithstanding the misfortune they convey, I think her eyes are utterly beguiling. Their tragedy and beauty call to me from the other side. Eyes truly are windows to the soul.

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