Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Curved Air: The Lost Broadcasts

Great psych prog- rock band with classical and folk influences. They remind me a bit of a less hedonistic but more classical Hawkwind, or the Doors, with that tortured synth. Curved Air were one of the first rock bands after It's a Beautiful Day and The United States of America to feature a violin. Both the founders Darryl Way and Francis Monkman, were heavily influenced by the band Spirit and originally formed Sisyphus. Along came Sonja Kristina and cured them all of Sisyphus, and behold Curved Air was formed.

Label: Gonzo Multimedia
01. Vivaldi 0:00
02. It Happened Today 08:38
03. Proposiciones 13:40
04. Back Street Luv I 20:42
05. Back Street Luv II 24:38
06. Piece Of Mind 28:49

by North Utsire

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