Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lammas Mountain Walk

Lughnasadh customs persisted widely until the 20th century, with the event being variously named 'Garland Sunday', 'Bilberry Sunday', 'Mountain Sunday' and 'Crohm Duh Sunday'. The custom of climbing hills and mountains at Lughnasadh has survived in some areas, although it has been absorbed as a Christian pilgrimage. The best known is the 'Reek Sunday' pilgrimage to the top of Croagh Patrick on the last Sunday in July. A number of fairs are also believed to be survivals of Lughnasadh, for example the Puck Fair.

Ushered along by benevolent sycamore sentinels and the scent of faery heather breezes, we headed up sharp ascents and undulating valleys with our tumbling feet in roots of tree knots and happy minds inspired with wind, water shores and rapier sunshine.

 By North Utsire

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