Monday, 17 November 2014

The Bothy Band: Old Hag You Have Killed Me (1977)

The Bothies were possibly the greatest of new Irish traditional groups that arose in the seventies. Their fire and brilliance has long outlasted their three year history and the four albums they produced are prized possesions of many celtic music lovers.

In many ways they were a forerunner of the world-music groups that are with us today. Years after their demise, many still warmly recall the band's innovative mixture of traditional material and modern-style arrangements, with elements of jazz, classical and rock, all performed in a sophisticated and passionate style. [June Skinner Sawyers]

Forgotten or foot-noted in the rock 'n' roll encyclopedias they may be, but the music and inspiration of The Bothy Band is very much alive today in the memories and repertoire of almost anyone who is anyone on the Irish traditional scene. While Planxty gained a rock audience through a fresh and vigorous approach to Irish folk music, The Bothy Band did likewise with the deeper wells of Celtic tradition. [Harper]

The Bothy Band who hit for the underbelly of traditional music playing with a hard aggression not before seen. They were the ones that fired the public's imagination and one could see the number of similar bands sprouting up all over the place. [John O'Regan]

The Bothy Band: Discography
1975 The Bothy Band
1975 1976 Old Hag You Have Killed Me 
1977 Out of the Wind 
1979 After Hours (Live in Paris) 
1983 Best Of the Bothy Band
1995? The Bothy Band - Live in Concert

By North Utsire

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