Sunday, 8 March 2015

Shepherd Neame Family: Mainbrace IPA

Mainbrace IPA
Shepherd Neame brewed for ASDA
Bottle: 4.5%
Brewer’s Notes
This exquisitely smooth ale boasts a light malty flavour and is brewed with locally grown hops and chalk filtered mineral water drawn from the well of Britain’s oldest brewer.

Not a bad creation from the ancient well of Shepherd Neame. My first impressions are of a well balanced, hoppy almost proprietary ale with a hint of treacle, molasses and complexity as though Guy Fawke’s night was somehow in the Mash Tun and was circulating mischief. I don’t really ‘get’ the light citrus element of the tang but I am glad for that. Golden hops can often be too crisp in my opinion. There is a pleasant nasal earthiness and yeast registers. My perennial complaint of bottled beers is their over- exuberant gas which seems to emulate the artificiality of pop, cola, junk drinks & the like. Admittedly this does sublimate into a creaminess of sorts. Apart from the gas, Mainbrace IPA is a drinkable ale which is on the Spitfire continuum, yet slightly less brash. Perhaps the more urbane older uncle of Spitfire.

Marks /10

North Utsire

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