Sunday, 10 July 2016

Daily Schedules of Darwin, Freud, etc.

I saw this a while back on a blog called Truth Theory. It said (quote):

"The one thing that every person in the world has in common is time. We all have a day which consists of 24 hours, in which we can do with as we please. Even so, person A can fail to achieve anything significant within an entire lifetime, while person B is able to crank out success story after success story. What is the difference between person A and person B? It is definitely not down to a lack of time, because if one person can schedule their time for success, so can another. The truth is people succeed or don’t succeed, because of what they do with their time and the habits they form.

This info graphic shows the daily routine of 16 high achieving people throughout history, what is really interesting about this, is the fact that all the routines are very different. Which goes to show that there is no set way to do things, but only a way which is unique to you and can be reached through trial and error."

What really gets on my tits about this bourgeois crap is the universal assumption that everybody is gifted with the “same” amount of time per day, therefore this imparts some kind of equality on everyone and therefore its your own lack of moral fibre or intellectual fortitude that accounts for your miserable failures in life. If you look at these graphics you will see that nearly all of these “intellectual giants” have one thing in common: they are all freed from the misery of drudgery and toil to make ends meet, and therefore have the luxury of indulging their creative fantasies. Presumably behind the “genius” of Freud was a pathetic number of servants (those lesser intellects who couldn’t manage their time any better) who had committed the stupidity of having children, or sick relatives, or of putting their empty howling bellies before going for a restorative walk or reading an edifying book. That is, if they could read at all. I wonder what epic novels we could have expected from Dickens if he was forced to clean toilets on minimum wage for survival. Not much. No, not very much.

North Utsire

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