Friday, 30 June 2017

500th Birthday

Welcome to the Bohemian Budgie's 500th Blog!

I started writing this blog as a counterbalance to being stuck in an artless soul destroying job. Whilst that putrid existence was collapsing all around me, and with all the chaos and instability that engendered, the Bohemian Budgie became a unifying oasis, a monthly reminder of my Inner Temple. It seems my creative outlet turned out to be quite therapeutic in the end because I am now trundling along in a much more appropriate and liberating career in which I am my own master. I am free!

So you would think that the Bohemian Budgie has served its purpose and would naturally wither on the vine. In truth, there has been a bit of that dynamic at play, but I also feel a monthly reminder of my Inner Temple is an essential feature of the new me. So I will continue on a blogging for now and hope to celebrate the 1000th BB Blog looking off from from who knows which attractive vista.

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