Friday, 30 June 2017

Suck: Season of the Witch (1970)

Suck were a rock band who were part of South Africa's first wave of hard rock titled, the "Big Heavies". The group lasted eight months between 1970 and 1971, during which they recorded their lone LP, Time to Suck. It was later released in America in 2009. Time to Suck is the first and only album by the South African hard rock band Suck. Released in 1970, it was recorded at the EMI Studios in Johannesburg in six hours. The album was initially only released in South Africa and France. The French edition's cover had the colours inverted. The first official CD release came in 2001 on Fresh Music with the bonus track "War Pigs". In 2002, a label called Progressive Line purportedly operating out of Australia released its own CD version of Time to Suck. German label Shadoks reissued it in 2009 on CD and vinyl, the first vinyl issue of the album since 1970.

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