Saturday, 7 June 2014

Missing Margi Clarke

In the 90’s I lived in a cramped & squalid shared house in Liverpool off Smithdown Road. Opposite our house was a kind of short cul-de-sac which terminated in a Georgian style town house. It seemed a bit out of character with the pauperish commonality of the terraced row I lived in, but ho hum. I didn’t think much of it. Until one gloomy night I looked out of the window and saw, getting into a taxi from the Georgian house, what appeared to be Margi Clarke. I hollered to one of my house mates:

Me: “Hey Michelle, I think I just saw Margi Clarke getting into a taxi!”
Michelle: “Oh yeah, she lives opposite.”
Me: “What!? I’ve been living here for over a year… I had no idea”
Michelle: “Oh, I thought you knew.”

Well bugger me. Margi was a bit of a screen heroine for me appearing in Letter To Brezhnev (1985), and frequently on The Word, with Terry Christian. I have looked high and low for a hilarious clip from The Word which I remember watching where Margi gets fitted up with a candid camera and goes into Terry’s make up room before the show and tries to seduce him:

Margi: “Alright Terry giz a go on that”
Terry: [Handing her a joint] “Alright Margi”
[some pleasantries are exchanged]
Margi: “So do ya wanna do it?”
Terry: “Do what?”
Margi: “y’know… show us yer plums”
Terry: “Bugger off”
Margi: “Or go on, show us yer plums!” [trying to wrestle into his pants]

Luckily for his reputation, Terry Christian manages to refuse the ravishes of the supervixen. Probably no surprise I can’t find it on Youtube though; maybe a bit too incriminating in these pious times. I did find this 1992 clip from The Word, where Margi plugs her show The Good Sex Guide. It was about that time I lived opposite her. Oh to muse what went on in that detached Georgian town house whilst I unwittingly sat only yards opposite watching my flickering TV retrieved from the skip.

By North Utsire

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