Friday, 6 June 2014


Frank Zappa, Ken Robinson, and Noam Chomsky explain the real purpose of the industrialised schooling model. UPDATE Nov 2015: Ever since Blogger changed the format of their video reader/ player, I've had to go back fixing every blog I've done, which is more than slightly annoying & still a work in progress. Some of the 'replacement' videos are obvious, some have required a bit of detective work to figure out what I posted in the first place. The 3rd video in this post was impossible to work out though, just being an empty grey box, so I replaced it with the trailer from the 1969 film Kes. Watching the trailer reminded me how brilliant I find the retro folky soundrtack by John Cameron. I expect it came as a surprise because I usually watch Kes in a wistful moment thinking of my school days, half falling asleep on a Saturday in the small hours to a headswirl of grog. I suppose its one of those films (described on Wikipedia as a "word of mouth hit in Britain, eventually making a profit."). In case you decide to do the late night headswirl showing of the film and fall asleep before the end; the kestrel dies.

By North Utsire

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