Friday, 6 June 2014

Rumours that HSE is closing are untrue

In December 2013, I enthusiastically submitted an application to become a member of The Human Scale Education Movement. I quote:

Human Scale is an education reform movement committed to small scale learning communities based on the values of democracy, justice and respect. Human Scale Education works directly with schools and parents to promote human scale learning environments where children and young people are known and valued as individuals.

After a few weeks, I received a letter from them, returning my cheque, and saying regrettably the HSEM was closing with no further opportunity for membership. Imagine my surprise, when some time after this I saw an update on their website saying the following:

Members will be aware that the HSE AGM, held in London on Saturday 18th January, considered a motion from the Board of Trustees that proposed Human Scale Education ceased to operate as an independent charity and that its objectives be pursued through a range of other strategies and channels. After extended discussion, this was overwhelmingly rejected by the 12 members present and there was similar strong support for a proposal that Human Scale Education should continue to operate as an independent charity. The members of the Board of Trustees stepped down from their role as they had intended and a new Board of Trustees was nominated. At the close of the AGM the out-going Board pledged their full support to the new Board that consists at this stage of: Kate Hickman, Robin Precey (Chair), Rosalyn Spencer and Mary Tasker 

Apart from the absurdity of the turnaround only days after returning my cheque, the fact there were only 12 members around in London who were there to take such an important vote is really exploring the outer limits on human scale decision making. Talk about clique. Someone must be getting something out of HSE charity status; maybe expenses for jollies in London. Maybe they can organize a piss up in a brewery after all.

By North Utsire

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