Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Better Than Folk Off

In 2006, Sunday Best Recordings released a 2CD Psych- Folk compilation they called Folk Off. I listened enthusiastically to the album but remained indefatigably underwhelmed at many of the offerings, in agreement with this sage reviewer. Just because its ‘acid’ or ‘psych’ music, doesn’t really mean you can get away with any old dissonant din. Many of the tracks were unrelated to the genre. I was so peeved at this indignacious assault on my delicate fluffy folk sensibilities that I created a compilation album I call Better Than Folk Off. Although  the tracklist uses Folk Off as a springboard, and some ‘outliers’ are still dutifully retained within the new compilation, it is so utterly different that it serves as a monument to recording studios who think they can throw up any garbage they have got the rights to and sell it to the gullible under the mildewed cloak of Psych- Folk music.

By North Utsire

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