Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bram Stoker's Dracula: I have crossed Oceans of Time

Coppola was attracted to the sensual elements of the screenplay and said that he wanted portions of the picture to resemble an "erotic dream". These three scenes show the seduction sequence of Mina by Dracula, culminating in the marshmallow romantique of the absinthe reverie. It was only in preparing this blog that I realized how essential the music composed by Wojciech Kilar is in striking the mood. The acting of Gary Oldman (and Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing) pretty much carry the weaker cast to a dark and exultant conclusion. If Dracula can seduce the wooden spoon of Winona Ryder, he is masterful indeed. She always seemed a bit limp to be a love interest of Dracula.

UPDATE Dec 2015: In their infinite wisdom, Youtube have disabled my original compilation movie on the grounds of copyright infringement. With about a million different clips of the movie out there and given its age, its moronic to go around squashing clips that amount to free advertising. So instead of my original movie you'll just have to put up with the next best thing (above), and we'll both wait for that to be taken down too. Soon we'll live in a formless retail park of formica and polystyrene, with microchips in our foreheads wringing out money into the greedy hands of the coorporations for the sake of it. 

By North Utsire

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