Sunday, 25 September 2016

Free: Fire & Water Live in Sweden (1970)

I was really hoping to post up the full Free album Fire & Water. Its ideal for a Sunday morning when you're ambling around the morning after the night before, scratching your nuts, rearranging crap on the coffee table pretending to get organised. Well, you know Youtube. Seems like that was too tall an order to breach precious copyright rules, so instead I got a copy of Free performing live at Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden in 1970. On the surface of it, the performance is less polished and somewhat more stoned than the studio version, but it really works. There are a couple of tracks on the playlist which are not on the album either (The Stealer, Riding On A Pony, Woman), plus a bit of preamble. I love both versions. Enjoy!

Track List & Timings:
00:00 The Stealer
04:13 Fire And Water
08:39 Riding On A Pony
13:50 Heavy Load
20:08 Woman
25:00 I Love You So
31:00 Be My Fraind
37:15 Mr Big
44:24 All Right Now

North Utsire

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