Sunday, 25 September 2016

Spiritual Community Guide on Chakras

More leaves from The Spiritual Community Guide. When I first saw these images, I was a young man interested in any esoteric system on offer. Having been brought up on martial arts and the oriental system of energy work, it has always seemed a bit strange though to focus in on arbitrary spinal energy centres such as the chakras. Even during meditation, the notion of pooling or focussing on energy points rather then breathing apparatus, and the Dan Tien has has always been odd to me. If they corresponded to precise anatomical or phenomenological aggregations I would appreciate them more. The chakras have always seemed so very fictional therefore to me.And yet some people swear by them and their value in energy work. Whilst I don't doubt they're being straight up about their experience, I'll keep doing what feels right to me. Maybe one day I'll be doing a yoga asana, and go "Ohh I get it now" but somehow after all this time I doubt it. I don't even teach Reiki using chakras, and it never formed part of the original Usui Do system. Chakras were only introduced to Reiki by Hawayo Takata and Phyllis Furomoto, to make Reiki more comprehensible to westerners.

North Utsire

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