Sunday, 25 September 2016

Limmy Live!

Last week I went to see a Scottish comic called Limmy playing at the Lowry in Manchester. It was the day of the worst thunder & lightening storm I had seen in about 30 years. The centre of Manchester was alight with the tempest whilst people marauded about like something from The Living Dead. Market street had turned into a torrent, carrying away debris and fast food wrappers, whipping them away like it was a white water rapid. When we got to the Merolink the guard wouldn't let us get tickets saying "lightening strike". "Bloody Jeremy Corbyn, which union this time?"  I said. Unlike the raindrops, it took a moment to sink in. After a mad rush we got to the Lowry just in time and forgot we were soaked through as Limmy took over. The Armadillo sketch (above) had me in stitches. Top top funny guy.

Media City

North Utsire

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