Thursday, 22 May 2014

Universal Intentions

Sensei Wasyl Kolesnikov, 7th Dan

It was an intense Aikido training session. Students from all parts of the country (and beyond) wandered wearily around the warm and humid dojo, finally freed from the discipline of concentrated mental control. They belonged to the Kolesnikov School of Mind & Body Development Association (KSMBDA). Despite the Ukrainian origin of the name, and the exotic nature of the mind- body art he had exclusively developed, Sensei Wasyl Kolesnikov was from Oldham and had a deep Northern accent. He was a true martial arts Master; spiritually powerful and weighty like an ancient Oak. Some students sighed heavily, and wafted themselves with obi (belts) of all colours, lazily lapping from side to side. A number of 5 or 6 were kneeling in Zazen, meditating in a row on the mats, a soothing tonic to purify the mind. Suddenly from high above them, one of the beams which hung ominously above their heads began to crumble; at first plaster falling like snow, then rapidly whole lumps of concrete the size of an arm or head, crashing down in a cloud of dust. The meditators and astonished students gawped in dumfounded silence, when, as the dust rotated and glistened in the sunlight, Sensei uttered with unfailing resonance and certainty: 

“The Universe did not mean for you to die in that moment”

After a pause, many laughed with relief. But those of us who knew Sensei and practiced with him regularly, knew he was deadly serious.

Ai Ki Do

Later in the car, my training partner and I sat in silence, still numb from the incredible scene we had just witnessed. “I hope Sensei has got some good insurance”, he said. 

By North Utsire

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