Friday, 12 December 2014

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At the time of writing, we are fast approaching the last full moon before the winter solstice. In addition to this, according to my calendar, the winter solstice will fall on dark of the moon. These astrological events may be of interest to holistic practitioners, who take a patient centred approach to their practice.

Several decades ago, I had occasion to consult the Church of England diocese exorcist over and ongoing matter that was causing some concern. Although his proffered advice was of limited use in the situation, he did confirm that the full moon that was due to occur three days before the winter solstice that year, would give rise to a dramatic increase in “psychic” pressure. Many people are well aware that every full moon can have this effect, with the sign and house position having a particular effect on the nature of its manifestation. 

When this falls in close proximity to one of the major astrological power times, this seems to have the effect of a hand grenade being detonated in a confined space!

It has been my experience that, when these astrological events are translated into the personal experience of the individual, this may give rise to acute stress, high blood pressure, digestive disorders as well as stress related aggravation to respiratory disorders such as asthma, to say nothing of the aggravation that this may cause to any number of skin disorders. As the skin represents the interface between the inner emotional world of the individual and the outer world of external reality, this is easily explained.

Anyone consulting the recognised table of life stress events, will quickly realise that the annual “celebration” of Christmas brings with it a high stress factor that will often have a negative impact on the health of the individual, although this will often manifest some days later as a form of “energy hangover”.

Although this particular insight may at first appear potentially depressing, it should also be borne in mind that every crisis brings with it the opportunity of healing. I am particularly interested in the factor of the new moon occurring the day after the winter solstice.

Although not an astrologer myself, I am contemplating that these two new beginnings will bring insight into the happenings of the passing year and inspiration to the dawning of the next. From the perspective of the holistic healer, I look forward to the Phoenix of healing arising from the climax of previously unresolved issues. 

I would be particularly interested in the informed opinion of others with a deeper knowledge and understanding in this aspect of astrological it guided therapy, both in respect of its manifestation and how this deeper understanding may be used to resolve the patient’s suffering.

By North Utsire

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