Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Gruss Vom Krampus Christmas Cards

It is perhaps worth noting the prominence of Birch in Krampus imagery. Birch, the faery tree of initiation & cleansing, has a rightful place in any celebration of New Year. Birch is often the first tree to colonise virgin land; it forms dense woods of visual confusion & mystery; it houses the Fly Agaric hallucinogen; it is used to banish toxins from gouty & arthritic joints; it is made into a fine celebratory beer; its twigs & branches cleanse the earth when used as a broom, or cleanses away sin when used as a scourge. The only picture not containing birch symbolism below substitutes a trident in its place, itself a potent image of will, power, and discipline. 

By North Utsire

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