Thursday, 4 December 2014

Gentle Raindrops

Stormy lovers
Raindrops of passion,
 Thunder rolling
Lightning flashing.
Not quite a hurricane
Just a tender shower.
A few moments alone
Making love on a bed of flowers.
Wet as an ocean
Flowing like a stream.
The things we imagine
In a deep-sleep dream.
Music is a heartbeat
A tune never turned off,
Caressing like a breeze
Blowing so soft.
A flux of rain
Mending our souls,
Raging through the night
As our love affair unfolds.

Poem: Gentle Raindrops by Andre Mollet
from Dark Eros: Black Erotic Writings edited by Reginald Martin

Image: Love Life: Offset poster (1966) by Marijke Koger
Marijke Koger (Born 1943) was the primary visual artist behind the four-person art group ‘The Fool’ a Dutch design collective (and later band) who rose to prominence in late 1960′s London. Alongside Koger ‘The Fool’ consisted of fellow artist Simon Posthuma, Fashion Designer Yosha Leeger and Barry Finch, the groups name being derived as a reference to the Tarot Card. The Fool made a tremendous impact at the time via their work for the Beatles, Cream and The Move to name but a few. In fact such was the popularity of the group that despite having few musical inclinations they record a Psych-Folk album produced by Graham Nash.

By North Utsire

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