Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Arthur Rackham #1

I love Arthur Rackham, so be prepared for lots of hauntingly rendered  pixies, elves and maidens being pursued by trolls, dragons and menacing trees. I think I have to thank Arthur Rackham for single- handedly curing me of SAD. For years, like many people, I used to feel a bit bleached out & lost at this time of year, especially when the skies “go tupperware” and the sleet and misery won’t budge for days on end. But in Rackham’s faded aesthetic, I discovered a pastel world of greys and browns of all shades that is educative and delightful. It is understated in a way, and draws you in to his fantasy. It is one thing knowing the Sun God will return, but quite another to revel in the sleep of the Earth and Snow Goddess. Now I take as much pleasure in these dull days as the heady heights of summer.

By South Utsire

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