Monday, 27 January 2014

Kate Bush: Moving (1978)

The wyrding witch, the mountain way. The fog clears fleetingly on the waters. She wraps her writhing animal physique and snaking voice around your soul’s breath, like the first narcotic inhalation of twilight’s reverie, soothing, entrancing, sweet as summer’s honeysuckle. It’s like diving into a wild warm primordial sea, infinite yet seething with vivid possibility. Such is the creative feminine which Kate Bush embodies.

This is the first track from her 1978 debut album. Swollen with emotion, leading you to fall into the labyrinth of The Kick Inside. This album of course spawned her Number 1 Hit Wuthering Heights which has taken all of my wilting self control to desist from uploading. Amazingly, her label EMI didn’t want it on the album, preferring instead more rock- type music. More fool them. And even then, Bush had the sense to stand up to those talentless sharks, and proselytise  her art. Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour was involved in the production. He knew which side his toast was buttered. 

This clip, faded and worn through time, is from the Kate Bush Efteling TV special from the Netherlands in 1978. There are other versions of it around, but they don’t capture her aliveness and energy in quite the same way I think. And we like our retro & rosewater at The  Bohemian Budgie.

by South Utsire

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