Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Can: Mother Sky (1970)

14:26 of Krautrock at it's very best. Originally commissioned for the film Deep End (1970, Dir. Jerzy Skolimowski, with the beautiful Jane Asher) I searched as many Can albums as I could for this track, only to find it was on "Can Soundtracks" released 1970. Duh! Talk about right in front of your nose...

If you click on the Deep End image in this post, you will be redirected to the under- watery ending of the film, so don't say I ruined it for you. 

Deep End - The End

** Edit Sept 2015: The 14:26 version of Can: Mother Sky vanished from the ether so I had to replace it with this truncated version they're calling the Pilooski Edit. Please accept my heartfelt & unmitigated apologies for depriving you of about 8 minutes of brain burpling psych + images **

By South Utsire

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