Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ali Akbar Khan: Raga Kanara Prakaar (1969)

"If you practice for ten years, you may begin to please yourself, after 20 years you may become a performer and please the audience, after 30 years you may please even your guru, but you must practice for many more years before you finally become a true artist—then you may please even God."
 Ali Akbar Khan

The 80 Minute Raga (Raga Kanara Prakaar)

Raga Kanara Prakaar ( 80.00 )
Alap - Part 1 & 2 ( 40.00 )
Gat - Part 1 & 2 ( 40.00 )
Ali Akbar Khan - Sarod
Mahapurush Misra - Tablas
Originally recorded live and released on a double LP by The Connoisseur Society in 1969.

Late evening Raga. The Alap, part 1 and 2, is a complete Alap in 15 parts. The Gat is played with changing rhythms. The first part is in slow teentaal followed by a medium tempo teentaal wich then goes into a second section in a fast ektaal returning for the final climax to a teentaal in fast tempo. This Raga is also referred in some other sources as being Raga Darbari Kanada. 

By South Utsire

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