Saturday, 1 February 2014

Shards of MySpace

So MySpace has gone over to the dark side and become a new, dumbed down copy cat version of twatbook. To make it worse, they have DELETED the creative edifice of my lovingly cultivated profile content. Only the blog data remains, in text format, stripped of images and comments. And then you have to request it by email; if you spent any time blogging on MySpace, that facility has vanished now. The NSA has more freedom than me to see my old profile.
I used to love the customisable profile page, the tapestry of chiseled miscellanea that was individualistically MINE, but of course it has reverted to a sterile, uniform, limited straightjacket of an interface which only allows truncated jibber jabber like saying how wonderful you think the meat headed Gucchi handbags are on Amazon, or clicking “Like” to anything brightly coloured or loud, like a bewildered chimpanzee. The internet used to be a free association of forward thinking individuals, renegades, computer geeks, drop outs and alternos; a genuine anarchy, rich in possibilities. And now it has been hijacked by neurotic, spying adbots, malware, multinational companies and totalitarian governments itching to put you in chains for any seditious sleight.  
I had intended to use some of my MySpace content for the benefit of this Blog. I guess I'm just gonna have to go commando by using my failing memory and a few old backup folders. By logging into MySpace, you have to immediately agree to the terms of the “new” infant monstrosity, which secretly sends a broadcast email to every one of your former friends, saying what a good dog you are for renewing your account, regardless of your intention to cancel.
There was no option to send an email worded:

"The Laudanum Dream got f@cked off with our pokey measley paultry commodified NSA spying mind control chicken feed dispensing new Myspace and left"
... or
"#LOLZ we cyber raped another person's data and sold it "

by South Utsire

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