Friday, 7 February 2014

Bearded Ladies, Anyone?

I got this compilation CD of psych- folk tracks by B Music, exclusively of 'Vixens on Vinyl: 15 Home Grown Selections of Forlorn and Freakish Female Songsmithery from the Past 4 Decades.' Every track is indeed as desribed, so I’m sharing the 1st two with you (plus blurb) and you’ll have to buy the rest:

Speck Mountain: Hey Moon. Speck Mountain is a place where liquid organ drones and sacramentally simple guitar lines shimmer in a psychedelically corrupt gospel haze behind Marie- Claire’s Stevie Nicks on downers/ Hope Sandoval on uppers vocals. Filled in with slow motion funk bass lines, blanched out sax, one lonely melodica and enough tape delay to stretch from Pacific sea caves all the way to the Northern Lights- everything here echoes, and everything glows. They met by chance in Bergen, Norway, and immediately the vibe was like two shell shocked deep sea creatures burrowing into each other for warmth. 

Wendy & Bonnie: Paisley Window Pane. Guitar luminary Gabor Szabo first introduced this inconceivable duo (aged 13 and 17) to an audience of Folk and Jazz enthusiasts via his self funded struggling imprint ‘Skye Records’. The rare debut LP of fragile, brooding awkward teenage love songs and quasi politically conscious flower power took up to 30 years to find its place in pop history alongside bands such as Stereolab, Broadcast, Mazzy Star and Misty Dixon who would collectively adopt the ahead of its time LP with open arms. Welsh pop activists Super Furry Animals sampled a minute long chunk of the sisters music for the intro to their LP ‘Phantom Power’ and tracks soon began to crop up on outsider music radio mixes and compilations. CD reissues of the album are slowly becoming a household fixture for fans of slightlydelic, close harmonies and ghostly cinematic arrangements.

By South Utsire

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