Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Loop vs Spacemen 3

Oh The Beatles or the Stones? Oasis or Blur? The Cheeky girls or erm… well, you get the message.

The Bohemian Budgie was pleased to hear that following their split in 1991, Loop have now reformed with the original lineup of Robert Hampson (vocals, guitars), Hampson’s ex Becky Stewart (Bex) (drums), and Glen Ray (bass). As part of their comeback they will play in April 2014 as headliner of the Roadburn Festival and will also appear at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona in May 2014. Here's a 1989 Loop SNUB BBC  TV interview:

In the late 80’s/ early 90’s, the band's psychedelic/drone rock gained comparisons with Spacemen 3, much to the latter's annoyance. An NME interview with Danny Kelly reported: "they [Spacemen 3] seemed to spend their spare time bleating that the increasingly prominent and popular Loop had nicked that psychedelic artillery nightmare sound from them." and [Spacemen 3] interviewed in Lime Lizard magazine, April 1989, "Yeah, they really ripped us off!! Their first record sleeves, their sound, their live shows, just about everything. Their first few gigs were supporting us. The first time they had acid was when we gave it to them. Then they started calling themselves Loop. The first album was alright but it wasn’t anything we hadn’t done already."

Boo hoo “we had acid fur- hurst.”

The supreme irony of all this blunt- headed bickering, is that Spacemen 3 also buckled under its own weight in 1991, and the band split up. If there hadn’t been so much acrimony between them, they could have done an ABBA and all swapped round, making a new supergroup, called Loop 3 and The Spacemen. Here's a 1991 Spacemen 3 Interview from BBC 2's Rapido:

By South Utsire

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