Thursday, 10 April 2014

Food Nazification

My sister went to her local health food store the other day to buy some Agnus Castus, and was disappointed to realise she could only buy 100mg capsules, whereas previously she could buy the more efficacious 500mg. Many such herbs and supplements have been downgraded to comply with regulation recently, rendering them impotent and apparently useless snake oil. This of course propels people towards pharmaceuticals and the “safety” of their doctor.

I went to my health food store the other week, and was shocked at just how many of the diverse, unadulterated and shop- manufactured products had been taken from the shelves and replaced with other, commercial brands of inferior quality, full of fillers, gelatine and other unnecessary preservative crap. There is a quiet revolution going on down the health food store. Along with increased regulation comes commercialisation, and degradation in quality. And so we become silent.

I was attending a conference several years ago, and was disturbed to find out that it is now illegal to identify a product as “GMO free” and a test case in Canada resulted in the bankruptcy of a health food store owner for labeling his products as such. Have you noticed, unlike previously, there are no products which say they have GMO content, because the international treaties and regulatory agreements are complicit in a cover- up with the big agricultural corporations to make that goop more cheaply and shove it down your unwitting neck like a farm animal?

 And with the regulation and licensure of the natural health “profession” comes a cessation of power and autonomy. You have to play by the rules of orthodox medicine to get your little badge and make a living. In all the years I have been interested in natural health, the current malaise marks a low water mark in health freedoms of individuals.

By South Utsire

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