Monday, 7 April 2014

Gong: Live on French TV (1971- 1973)

These live performances were made for French TV in the early 1970’s. They appear to be taken from two TV programmes: POP2, and Rockenstock. They remind me a bit of So It Goes and The Old Grey Whistle Test in flavour. POP2 hosted names like Frank Zappa, Rolling Stones, Caravan, Pacific Drift, Lindisfarne, Donovan, and Iggy Pop. Two of these Gong tracks are on a bootleg DVD called Last French Chronicles (1971-1973) which has the following tracklist:

Jazzland, 1971
01. Improvisation
Docteur Pierre & Mister Perret, 1972
02. Improvisation
Rockenstock, 1973
03. Interview
04. I Never Glid Before
05. Interview
06. Witch Song: I Am Your Pussy
07. Interview

It isn’t easy to find. Its not an Amazon kind of thing.
By South Utsire

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