Saturday, 5 April 2014

Magic Carpet: The Phoenix (1972)

Magic Carpet biography (from ProgArchives)
Psych- folk project of the Scottish's sitarist Clem Alford

When the North London-based group Magic Carpet's LP was released on Mushroom Records in 1972, it failed to leave an impression on the consciousness of the general record buying public. It is difficult to say why the music of Jim Alford, Clem Alford, Keshav Sathe and singer/guitar player Alisha Sufit disappeared through the metaphorical 'cracks in the sidewalk', but it is likely that a combination of the label's economical restraints, which subsequently led to only a small pressing of the album ever being made and the era's perpetually shifting musical-climate played more than a small a part in the fate of what has become a jewelled crown in the treasure trove of psyche-tinged folk music. It is in turns haunting and beautiful; happy and sad; poignant and light-hearted. An unique journey of sounds! 

When I ordered my copy of the CD album, I got a nice email from Alisha Sufit. That is my only claim to fame, and the only one I will ever need.

By South Utsire

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