Sunday, 20 April 2014

Roy Budd: Get Carter Theme Tune (1971)

Unexpectedly felled by a brain haemorrhage at the age of 46, Budd left behind over 50 soundtracks, plus a large body of solo work. Budd composed 13 distinct pieces for the film Get Carter, including three songs, Looking For Someone, Love Is A Four Letter Word (with lyrics by Jack Fishman) and Hallucinations. The theme, (otherwise known as Carter Takes a Train) which is the best known music from the film, was played by Budd and the other members of his jazz trio, Jeff Clyne (double bass) and Chris Karan (percussion) and was recorded on a budget of £450. The musicians recorded the soundtrack live, direct to picture, playing along with the film. To save time and money Budd did not use overdubs, simultaneously playing a real harpsichord, a Wurlitzer electric piano and a grand piano. Budd described the experience as "uncomfortable, but it sounded pleasant".

By North Utsire

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