Sunday, 13 April 2014

Gasholes Killed the Electric Car

Click on the images for hyperlinks. If you watch these two documentaries, you will soon be in no doubt that fuel prices are nothing to do with supply and demand, but rather extracting maximum money from those made hopelessly dependent on it.The oil companies are acting as a ruthless cartel which cynically maintains prices at the most profitable level, simultaneously stifling any progression onto other more sustainable fuel sources, or more efficient technologies. They will aggressively use pricing and bully boy tactics to keep down any alternatives. And now, extracting every last drop of oil from planet Earth using fracking represents a new level of poisoning and habitat destruction. This is of course a direct outcome of ingrained corrupt lobbying and 'revolving door' politicking within the corridors of power, but that's ok as it serves the geopolitical interests of imperialist agencies too.  Everyone's a winner. Except you, your community, and a couple of million Iraqis.

By North Utsire

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