Friday, 11 April 2014

Pandit Jasraj: Raga Darbari (2011)

Raga Darbari ( 21.30 )
Pandit Jasraj - Vocals
Zakir Hussain - Tablas
From " The Meditative Music of Pandit Jasraj "

Pandit Jasraj (Hindi: पण्डित जसराज) is an Indian classical vocalist, still going strong at 84. He released Raga Darbari in 2011. As a means of livelihood, his brother Maniram took the young Jasraj as an accompanying tabla player. However, at the time, like sarangi players (a short necked string instrument), tabla players were considered minor artists. At the age of 14, unhappy with his treatment as an accompanying artist, Jasraj left and vowed not to cut his hair until he learned to sing. He finally cut his hair after garnering his first AIR Radio performance, where he sang Raga Kaunsi Kanada.

By South Utsire

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