Saturday, 8 March 2014

Organic Beer Review: 24 Carat Gold

24 Carat Gold
Liverpool Organic Brewery
Bottle Conditioned Real Ale suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
Of all the light ales in this series of reviews, this is certainly the most affable. And digestible. The Golden Hops are superbly tempered to give a velvety smooth product, topped by sweet orange blossom cascading before your eyes lolling in abundant corpuscles of carefree snowflakes. The gas content is just about right- not too overpowering- we’re talking purring tug boat, not a Titanic engine. All in all, this is the perfect golden light ale with only a modest bite back. Like the mists of the Mersey rolling in on a sunny spring day, as you sit in the Pumphouse of the Albert Dock, gently sipping a shimmering pint of contemplation. There is balance, nostalgia, optimism. In the distance a buoy rings out, clanging without care.

Marks /10
8.95 (sadly too much sediment, not organic, no certifications)

By South Utsire

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