Saturday, 8 March 2014

Organic Beer Review: Rampart

Bragdy Conwy Brewery
Bottle Conditioned, Vegetarian
Some of my most cherished beer experiences originate from North Wales, so it was with great enthusiasm I sampled this beer. The bottle says Rampart is tasty. But in truth I have found it TOO TASTY for its own good. There is a deep, mellow resonant character to this beer, with an almost treacle- like camphorous and phenolic quality mingled in, which wouldn’t be unwelcome in a Christmas pudding. You want the alcohol content of 4.5% to slip gracefully through your senses and not linger so heavily like a soggy Soreen slap. The brewers claim a “smooth, spicy, citrusy” flavour to the goldings, which is at least partly true, but with the fuggles it is a trifle too much (trifle being the operative word). All of this stodge doesn’t allow the delicate silver waters of the Conwy to get through to the palette, and the whole thing dies a death on the ramparts of its own complexity.

Marks /10
6.9 (Its Dostoyevsky for your taste buds)

By South Utsire

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