Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ralph Maddern: Ogwen Falls

A few steps from the stile opposite Ogwen Falls is a world remote from the vehicle- bound one. Savour the design! A prehistoric convulsion [that] built cliff faces and ramparts from where, on a windless day, the lake may be observed playing with an image of Tryfan. Catching Ogwen’s mood is like grasping a fleeting dream. She will alow a devotee but a brief indulgence. One of her favourite caprices is concealment beneath a cloak of mist through which she might reveal a mere glimpse of her western lips and white pearls cascading down her slender neck. Beyond the lower cliffs one must reconcile to loss of intimacy: up ahead is a steep south- facing bank.

Ralph Maddern, from Walk Snowdonia Peaks.
By South Utsire

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