Saturday, 8 March 2014

Organic Beer Review: Engine Vein

Engine Vein
Cheshire Brew House
CAMRA Real Ale, Bottle Conditioned
Engine Vein is named after one of the three ancient copper mines at the enchanted Alderley Edge sandstone escarpment in Cheshire. It is said that Merlin hides in the rocks there. And what a lovely, delicious, copper coloured ale to take inspiration from such resolute panoramic landscape. I think its strength lies in its wholesome simplicity. Pale and crystal malts ride you to gustatory Shangri La’s, on a magic carpet over mists of Danes drawn water, with the abidingly faithful oarsman of Golden Hops agitating  foams and froths in resonant canticles to the heart and head- a winning combination!

Marks /10
9.75 (cheating only ‘cos its not organic)

By South Utsire

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