Saturday, 8 March 2014

Organic Beer Review: Brewer’s Gold

Brewer’s Gold
Mallinson’s Brewing Company
Bottle Conditioned, Single Hopped,
Floral nose, fizzy bright & bold golden hops give this cheeky blonde strumpet of a beer loads of character and verve. If it were a car, it would be an old style Mini, lowered with thick tyres, fluffy dice and bull horns. Some would say this beer is underpowered at 3.8%, but I would say the alcohol content is fine, but with the hops gas and flavour it is boxing above its weight and should tone it down to a more serene encounter.  And that’s about it! No complexity or subterfuge skulking in sublingual backwaters. And therein lays this beer’s simultaneous strength and weakness. By going in balls deep with golden hops, Mallinson’s has produced a delightfully simple bombshell, but alas, it is too gassy, brassy and over the top with citrus squealing hops to fall in love with this cover girl.

Marks /10
7.25 (fur coat and no knickers)

By South Utsire

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