Saturday, 8 March 2014

Organic Beer Review: Mossley Brew

Mossley Brew
Millstone Brewery
Bottle Conditioned
Stand at the end of the diving board and close your eyes in poise. Feel the Palaeolithic breezes tone your expectant taut skin. Breathe in through your eased nostrils, and enjoy the cool scent of grapefruit mingling with the dawn humours. And then plunge… into CITRUS OCEAN WORLD. Swirling vortices of Neptune’s jollity spear you with the sharp intent of a trident’s bane… myriads of shimmering sunlight needle bubbles puncture your cerebrum in poppledash zig-zagging Clownfish elegance. Minutes later, a somewhat slimy aftertaste of hops emerges.. washed up from murky depths like kelp on Mystery’s timeless berthing shores. The demanding nature of this thousand island tsunami is just brought within tolerable limits for my admittedly modest taste, by what amounts to expert pastoral brewing. This supremely refreshing beer isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I could happily spend a night on it, or enjoy it as a stand- alone accompaniment in place of a white wine to a fish or seafood dish such as paella, lobster thermadore, etc.

Marks /10
6.9 (not organic, no CAMERA certification)

By South Utsire

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