Saturday, 8 March 2014

Organic Beer Review: William Roscoe

William Roscoe
Liverpool Organic Brewery
Bottle Conditioned Real Ale suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
This ale has an interesting floral nose. There is ever such a slight scent of pear drops or acetone folded tightly within the bouquet. Unless the brewer was diabetic and fell into the vat… or was sucking a pear drop at the time. That aside, it is a very pleasant, almost sublime introduction to this expertly blended ale. The blurb reads A light floral ale made with pure organic pale ale malt and the classic English hop Fuggles. And it is this pale ale- meets- Fuggles dynamic which generates kaleidoscopes of endless interest. The musty study bookshelf is sprung and creaks invitingly open to reveal a hidden corridor, a current of heuristic flavour behind the array. Deeper down there is also a fruity pipe tobacco aroma at play. Named after the Renaissance anti- slavery campaigner and poet, perhaps the ghost of Roscoe himself walks by and nods in approval in a puff of thoughtful smoke. I can easily imagine I am in one of those Liverpool ‘old man’ boozers that, tiled and unashamedly Victorian, haunts recesses of raw, forlorn and rainswept streets glowing cheerfully with dim & eager lanterns, beckoning you in to ruin or folly, for ‘just one more.’ And there I could put the pain of the conspiratorial world to rights. And after this meditation and the inevitably unwelcome discipline of the “Last Orders” bell, I could rise lightly like inspiration’s smoke and meander freely outside. There, I would exhale into the moist receptive night my heartfelt thoughts, wrapped in fruits of pipe tobacco and swirling in pear drops. And stumble home. 

Marks /10
9.5 (lack of certification, and sediment is a problem)

By South Utsire

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